This is a pilot project being done by the Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior (SAHCSI) of the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) where we are testing the possibility of obtaining your long term follow up information online. You have been selected to participate in this pilot project and we hope you will agree to help us out.

For patients 2 years after completion of treatment, follow up appointments are usually done through their family physician. Patient follow up done by the BCCA is needed to provide long term assessment of viability of all current and future treatment options. This allows Radiation Oncologists at BCCA to provide appropriate and accurate counseling in patient treatment decisions and to give realistic outcome expectations. It may not be feasible to have all patients visit the cancer center in person for this purpose; therefore we are testing this online method.

You will go on to this website every 6 months or whenever your oncologist asks you, and you will complete the same questionnaire that you would have if you had come in to see the oncologist in person. The information collected is stored in a private and confidential database which can only be viewed by authorized study personnel. You may still be required to come in to the cancer center to see your oncologist as needed.

By doing this the BCCA will be able to follow their patients more thoroughly, efficiently and provide better patient care.